Covid 19 Safety pool Rules

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  • Hand Sanatise on entry to the pool and changing rooms.
  • One way system around the pool to viewing area and lessons.
  • Wear Masks in the pool area and changing rooms.
  • Come swim ready ( costume under clothes )
  • Changing rooms in use only at the end of a lesson 2 m restrictions
  • No Showers to be used or hairdryers.
  • Temp checks to be done at the start of a lesson.
  • Do not Enter the pool area or Swim if you have a new persistant cough, high Temp , or loss of smell or taste.




Meath School Ottershaw Pool Rules

  • Shower on entry to the pool.
  • Swimmers should use the foot bath on entering the pool area.
  • No out door Pool shoes anywear in the pool area .
  • Double nappies must be worn
  • No talc to be used in the changng rooms.
  • Baby changimg mats should be on the floor to change the baby
  • No food and drink in the pool building.
  • No glass in any form allowed in the pool area.
  • School car park must not be used untill after 4 pm ( please use parking outside the school.
  • No swinging on the curtains or rails in the changing room.
  • Over 8 years  must change in their own sex changing room .
  • No running in the changing area's.
  • No diving
  • No bombing
  • No Pushing people in the pool.
  • No entry to any other part of the school.
  • Strictly no opening fire exit doors inside the pool unless for an emergency
  • No photography
  • Veruca sock to be worn untill treatment has been made.
  • No entry to the pool for 48 hours after a sickness bug


Gordons School , St Georges and Philip Southcote 

Pool Rules


  • No outdoor foot wear in the pool area
  • No photography
  • All parent must stay with children in the pool area
  • Over eight years must change in their own sex changing rooms
  • No food to be eaten in the pool area
  • No talc in the changing rooms .
  • No bombing
  • No pushing
  • No running in the changing area or around poolside.
  • Veruca socks to be worn untill treatment has been used
  • No entry to the pool for 48 hours after a sickness bug
  • Swimming hats must be worn by male and females during the lesson.





Venue Addresses :

ADDRESS ; PhilipSouthcote school ,Adlestone More Weybridge,KT162qh


ADDRESS : MEATH SCHOOL Brox Rd,Ottershaw,Chertsey,KT1 6OLF, UK

Lessons  on Tuesday  -  Friday 3pm  - 7 pm 



DDRESS : Carwarden House Community School 118 Upper Chobham Road,Camberley , Surrey,GU151eJ

Lessons monday Tuesday , Thursdays from 3.45 pm


 Address: St Georges School WELLS lANE ,Ascot SL57DZ

Lessons on Saturday from 1 pm -4 .30 pm 




wednesday  3,30pm -6,30pm 

High view road ,lightwater , gu185ye


















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