Otters After school Lessons

At This Level the children Start to join the classes without parents .


We start to work on the ASA stages 1-5  and distance awards


We will also continue with Otters awards for the younger 3-4 year old who will progress to stages .


The older starter will go on to the stages from the start.


Stages 1 to 7  will Implement a wide range of skills ,these skills are like pieces of a jigsaw , when put together result in competent ,safe, confident swimmers with a skill base to join in and gain more technique in many other sports like Water polo, Canoeing , syncronised swimming ,or just having fun with friend at parties !


  • Core skills developed
  • Safe entries
  • Safe exits
  • Flotation & Orientation
  • Streamlining
  • Aquatic Breathing
  • Travel and CoOrdination

Meath school takes stages 1-5 Distances 5m,10m,15m


Gordons school work on stages 1-7,survival classes,Diving lessons.Distances 5m,10m,15m,20m ,25m 50m







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