swimming lessons in West End Village,Woking , Addlestone ,Camberley , Ottershaw .Chertsey .

Parent & Child Monday  Wednesday & Friday 13.00-16.00 hrs  

Pre School Classes in Camberley , Ottershaw Mondays tuesday wednesdaytThursday after 3.30  camberley .Gordons school West End . saturday and Sunday.

After School Classes   on  Monday , tuesday  thursday  in  Cammberley  ,Wednesday  & friday in Cherstsey ,Ottershaw Saturday & Sunday west end near chobham and camberley 


Contact us on    Mobil : 07495 268102

                             Email: otters.swim@outlook.com


Swimming lessons Venues :



Meath School, Brox Rd ,Chertsey,( Ottershaw ) KT16 OLF


Gordons School, Bagshot Road , West End Woking ,GU24 9PU


Carwarden House Community School ,  118, Upper Chobham Rd ,Camberley GU15 1EJ







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